Sunday, August 28, 2011

Isla Negra

Before I get to my post about this weekend, I thought I'd share one other thing with you (courtesy of Nick Paul):

Which actually sounds ridiculously awesome.  Anybody interested?  We can make our own makeshift adventure out of it, so we don't have to deal with the kind of people who gave the testimonial on the website.  For your consideration, on the front page of the website the following quote is conspicuously placed right in the middle:

"Such an intense ski adventure. A true mix of fire and ice!!"
Greg Hawkins
Chile Volcanos Tour

First of all, I've only been teaching English for a couple weeks at this point, but I'm fairly confident that both of these "sentences" are lacking verbs.  Second, it's blatantly obvious that the people over at removed "bro" from this endorsement.  Also, 'A true mix of fire and ice!!', huh Greg?  Where exactly was the fire in this scenario?  Just because something like lava is "hot" doesn't mean it's on fire.  The only way there would actually be fire in this scenario is if the volcano actually erupted, and the clothes on your back were engulfed in lava.  Since you (apparently) lived to give this faux-poetic endorsement, I'm guessing it didn't happen.   

I also have to ask, Greg (or G-money, as your friends probably call you), what is with the 2 exclamation marks?  There's no emotion to amplify in this statement.  Did you feel that a single exclamation point wouldn't adequately represent the fact that this "true mix" actually happened? (It didn't, by the way.)  Or were you so supremely self-satisfied with your Hemingway-esque mastery of the metaphor that you needed to make sure we all appreciated your verbal gymnastics, too?  I realize there's no teacher to put a gold star next to your 2 incomplete sentences anymore, but please, Greg, tone down your self-satisfaction/need to be noticed.

Other than that, I have no real thoughts about this quote.

I think Isla Negra and its pictures are going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Listen everybody, this blog is about "observations and musings".  Sometimes we stray outside the core curriculum.  Or as Greg might say, "Sometimes we take the detour!!"

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