Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slices (lbs?) of life, and my first discotech

Yesterday I discovered a scale in one of the other hallways in my apartment.  For fun, I stepped onto it just to see where I'm at.  The scale itself read "72.3", which either means the scale is in kg, or it's in lbs, and I've turned into an anorexic teenage girl in the past 13 days.  I went back to my room and converted to lbs for my own sanity.  159.06.  I haven't been this naturally light since high school.  Since freshman year of college, I've been between 165 and 172 lbs, usually right around 167.  I guess the anorexic teenage girl metamorphasis isn't as far-fetched as I thought.

Last night I went out with a couple Chileans to a discotech.  One of them was a fellow umich grad, so we had that in common.  We started pregaming around 9 pm, but didn't even arrive at the club until after 1 am.  I guess the bars and whatnot down here are open until 5 am.  As I had taught a class at 8:30 am that day, I wasn't really in going-out shape.  I think I ended up leaving somewhere around 3.

It also showed me how far I have to go with my spanish.  I can talk to a person one-on-one, but listening to 3 native chileans talk to each other?  Fucking impossible (sorry mom).  EVERYTHING is slurred together, and half the words are not completed.  It's like, if they were to say "Detroit", they'd say "troi", or Chicago would be "shig", and the entire word is said in the same amount of time it takes to say "it".  My ears and tongue are going to have to work out like crazy if I ever hope to have a conversation with a group of native Chilenos.  But they all have faith that I'll be able to learn in a couple months, so maybe!

Alright, time for the majority of you's favorite part: pictures.  I've taken a few here to help give a little better idea of the nuances of life around these parts.
 The view out the back side of our apartment.  Here you have an up-close and personal look at a Chilean dryer.

 My current living room.  The senora Monica has a penchant for chintzy trinkets.

 Hey, what's that in the upper right-hand corner of EVERY BULLETIN BOARD AT MY SCHOOL?

 No joke, this is all the McDonalds near my subway station serves.  I took this picture while the dude behind the counter was bent over cleaning the floor.  Did I drop something so he wouldn't see me taking this picture?  I'll never tell.

A view into one of my classrooms.  For the one-on-one classes, they're quite small.

 My corner of power and judgment.

Annnnnd my all-time favorite anti-smoking campaign poster.

Hasta lluego, el internet.

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