Monday, November 7, 2011

Excercises in Whiteboards #1

I've now been teaching for a little over 3 months in Santiago, and I'm finally feeling pretty comfortable as a teacher.  It's gotten easier, to the point where I can pretty much walk into a random classroom, open up the book, and teach on whatever topic they are currently discussing.  I've also been able to start injecting more of my personality into the classes, which translates into (I think) fairly interesting whiteboard scribblings.  I started taking pictures of some of my whiteboards over the past couple weeks, and I thought I'd share some of them with you here.  I imagine this will also become a recurring segment.

First out of the gates - a quick breakdown of some of the differences in academic words in Spanish and English.  Notice "alumno" is current student, and "colegio" is high school.  Not exactly intuitive.

 This one features silent letters, questions and statements using "to be", and how the Chinese put their last names first simply to spite the white man.


Explaining the present perfect, use of "since", and how taught should sound, but not be spelled.

Possessives, my now infamous "this that these those" grid, and bragging about my chair to the rest of the chumps students.

And finally, a little something to reinvigorate the fires inside America's oldest haters...


  1. both are acceptable, I just didn't want to further confuse them by introducing a singular word that ended with "s".

  2. British English vs Real English: <3

    (btw, I'm relieved that I needed to think about which caret to use)