Monday, November 14, 2011

Potpourri #6

My headphones broke about a week ago today.  It´s made going for runs much more boring, and I feel much more disconnected from the US because of it.  I used to have a couple semi-daily programs that I listened to, but as of now they´ve all been eliminated.  It´s probably for the best, as now my mind wanders on the subway to think about what the advertisements mean, or trying to eavesdrop on the conversations happening next to me.  In the long run, I´ll probably be better off for it.  It´s just not fun now.

Typing on foreign keyboards is a huge pain.  None of the punctuation buttons are in the right place, and they have extra symbols and settings that I keep inadvertantly hitting.  For example, the @ symbol is a secondary function of the Q key, and to get to it, you have to hit "Alt Gr" and then the q key to pull one up.  It took me a solid 6 minutes of guessing to figure that one out.  Also, the apostrophe is in a different place, so each time I try to type "it´s", I end up typing "it{s", then I have to look down at the keyboard and find the proper marks. 

The institute is now a solid 2 weeks behind on payment for this month.  I´m starting to think about trying to find other employment around Santiago, just so I could count on a more regular check coming across my desk.  The pay here is good, but I´d prefer a place that is fair and consistant.  Stay tuned to see what happens next.

I revisited the teacher´s lounge bathroom today.  I used a wad of paper towels to keep the door from swinging open. 

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